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Thunderfoot and Feminism

So Thunderfoot has launched his latest tirade against feminism.

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FidelBogen threatens woman

FidelBoring [Bogen] is an active MRA and misogynist on the YouTube website. But if you ask him he says he is not an MRA. The acronym MRA stands for “men’s rights activist”. FidelBogen apparently does not self identify as a … Continue reading

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Exposing MRA’s (JohnTheUdder, GirlWritesTwat and the CockingMRE)

JohnTheUdder [Other] JohnTheUdder is a well know MRA and has been recognised my many as being nothing more than a “hateful misogynist” on the YouTube website. “I a man, don’t give a fuck about rape victims any more. I cannot … Continue reading

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