FidelBogen threatens woman

FidelBoring [Bogen] is an active MRA and misogynist on the YouTube website. But if you ask him he says he is not an MRA. The acronym MRA stands for “men’s rights activist”. FidelBogen apparently does not self identify as a “men’s rights activist” but instead calls himself an “male renaissance agitator”. Anyone want to guess what the possible acronym of “male renaissance agitator” might be? Well enough of that.

What I really want to deal with are some of the threats that FidelBogen has been making against woman. Just recently a dear friend had one of her videos falsely flagged off the YouTube website. It just so happens that she was talking about some of the threats she has been receiving from the MRAs on YouTube. And guess who was among those threatening her?

Well that’s right you guessed it, FidelBogen was one of the perpetrators.
In her video Buntzums gave a verbatim reading of the threat that FidelBogen sent her and yes there can be no question what so ever that what FidelBogen said was a veiled threat.

The threat is as follows:

“You walk the razorback ridge between joke and serious mighty thinly. Have care you don’t shift your weight too suddenly and take a tumble down the wrong side of it” (FidelBogen)

Below is a mirror of Buntzums video where she reads out the above threat.

FidelBogen has subsequently denied making the above threat, saying that:

“I did not actually say what she paraphrases me as saying. She is being creative and interpretive” (FidelBogen)

So how best to deal with the mendacious bullshit of a woman hating arsehole? I know just post the evidence. So here it is in all its glory and and can be checked against what Buntzums has said and low and behold the threat FidelBogen made is exactly the same one that Buntzums read out in her video!

So there is the proof another lying MRA exposed.

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