Exposing MRA’s (JohnTheUdder, GirlWritesTwat and the CockingMRE)

JohnTheUdder [Other]

JohnTheUdder is a well know MRA and has been recognised my many as being nothing more than a “hateful misogynist” on the YouTube website.

Photo of JohnTheUdder.

“I a man, don’t give a fuck about rape victims any more. I cannot force myself to give a shit. I know intellectually I should, I know that rape is a terrible crime and that being subject to it, is probably a terrible thing but I don’t give a fuck and the reason I don’t give a fuck is you, you YouTube feminists, you victim cult members, you female supremacist assholes.” (JohnTheUdder)

Below is a video of JohnTheUdder saying fuck female victims of rape.


GirlWritesTwat [What]

Photo of Skeletor.

GirlWritesTwat is a well known MRA YouTuber and Blogger. Her favourite tactics include quote mining scientific literature and grossly misrepresenting the conclusions which the papers find. She is also not very good at statistics and has either knowingly misrepresented statistics in the past or merely been too stupid or to lazy to read the statics in the first place.

In addition GirlWritesTwat has been advocating the wonders of the odd wife or girlfriend beating and sexual gratification. Yea, that’s right this woman is entirely insane.

GirlWritesTwat seems to think physically abusing your female partner is a good thing. Photo sourced from ManBoobz http://manboobz.com/

GirlWritesTwat gets her BS exposed by a feminist YouTuber and Blogger.



Jesus says open wide!

This particular moron in the MRA circles on YouTube as big advocate of “financial abortion”. This particular philosophy leads to discrimination against woman and a basic policy which sees men legally being able to abdicate any parental responsibility for their children.

CockingMre and his financial abortion BS.


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One Response to Exposing MRA’s (JohnTheUdder, GirlWritesTwat and the CockingMRE)

  1. Jaxson says:

    You have to take potshots at the way GWW looks? Real fucking feminist, asshole. Try coming up with some arguments that dont rely on cheap ad-homs and gradeschool insults, then maybe try again.

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